Wirra Wirra Mrs. Wigley

Mrs. Wigley (1977-1991) was not the wife of Wirra Wirra founder Bob Wigley, but a particular pussycat that was born at the neighbouring Petrucci residence. Within days her mum had dragged the litter to settle in Wirra Wirra’s open fermenters, and from then on Mrs. Wigley became a permanent feature of the cellars.


Mrs Wigley Moscato, McLaren Vale – 4.5% ABV

Delicate shell pink, with a gentle fizz. Deliciously fresh and fragrant with aromas of rose petals & orange blossom. Musk, melon and lychee flavour floods the palate. Juicy and bright, the palate is loaded with fruit flavour, complemented by beautifully balanced natural sweetness, acidity and fine spritz.

Wirra Wirra Mrs Wigley Moscato 2019
Mrs Wigley Ginscato Recipe

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