Neyen is a single wine hailing from Apalta’s oldest bodega. A unique location, wedged between where the Andes Mountains and Coastal range meet to form a stunning half-moon formation. Rich in history, the first Cabernet Sauvignon vines were planted here in 1889, the first stone laid in 1890. ?Cabernet plantings were followed by Carménère in 1936, these original, own-rooted pre-phylloxera vines from France continue to produce high quality fruit year after year. The vineyards have undergone a full organic conversion and Neyen?is certified organic from the 2017 harvest onwards.

Neyen Cabernet Sauvignon?Carmenere

A soft and elegant wine, with ripe tannins and low acidity. On the palate the fruit takes the main stage, with prominent flavors of raspberry and plum. The finish is long and persistent.

Neyen 2015


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