Jackson Estate

Jackson Estate has been quietly handcrafting beautiful wines in Marlborough for over 25 years.? You may have heard of the brand, but the winery is boutique and like us, our kiwi friends are a small and extremely passionate team. For Jackson Estate it’s important to combine highly advanced winemaking techniques with an old world hands on approach to produce premium quality wines with finesse, elegance and longevity. That’s why they call themselves Modern Pioneers.

The first vines were planted on the estate by the Stichbury family who have farmed the land on Jackson’s Road for over 160 years. The famous Stich Sauvignon Blanc is named in honour of John ‘Stich’ Stichbury, the founder of Jackson Estate.

We admire how Jackson Estate always strive to make the highest quality wine in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way? possible, focussing on? low cropping levels, small batch fermentation, single vineyard fruits and minimal winemaking intervention. All of the fruit is Estate grown which allows for complete control and enables high quality grapes to be further enhanced by Matt Patterson-Green’s minimal intervention, winemaking style.

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