Gonzalez Byass Sherries

Sherry has run though the veins of five generations of the Gonzalez family since 1835 when the pioneering 23 year old Manuel Maria Gonzalez left his banking career for more noble pursuits.

His legacy to sherry? A beautiful and historic bodega packed with barrels in every corner, floor to ceiling, representing the diversity of this great wine: young Finos destined to bring joy to tapas’ feasts and star in cocktail creations, exceptional Rare Old Soleras and majestic vintage Olorosos and Palo Cortados.

His legacy to us??Our home in Jerez, the birth place of our company and a very, special winery that never fails to inspire those lucky enough to visit it.



Discover more about sherry in the Pillars of Jerez YouTube series, featuring our legendary Master Blender Antonio Flores and Gonzalez Byass’?Christopher Canale-Parola.

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