Dominio Fournier

Nestled in a natural meander of the Duero river, Dominio Fournier is not only located in the heart of the Ribera del Duero, but on the very banks of the river that defines this pre-eminent Spanish wine region. Here, over 800m above sea level, gnarled old bush vines root down through the boulder-strewn alluvial terraces of the Duero, yielding Tinta del País grapes of exceptional intensity and quality. The estate was acquired by the Gonzalez family in 2019, who have set the goal of creating the finest wines in Ribera del Duero.

Dominio Fournier Crianza

100% Tinta del País.?Fresh and intense on the nose, with woody notes coming through – vanilla and pastry – that mix in with varietal aromas including black fruit and liquorice. A full bodied, elegant and well- balanced wine with a long finish.

Dominio Fournier Crianza 2016

Dominio Fournier Reserva

100% Tinta del País. Complex and powerful on the nose, with aromas?of ripe black fruit, spices, light graphite, smoke, and hints of undergrowth that blend with the aromas of oak.

Dominio Fournier Reserva 2014


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