Domaine Jones

The story of Domaine Jones is one of passion, perseverance, overcoming adversity, stubbornness and triumph.

In 1993, Katie Jones, an Englishwoman from Leicestershire, left the UK for life in the remote Languedoc village of Tuchan, to work for the local wine cooperative. Fifteen years on, in 2008, Katie swapped the suit and briefcase for shorts and pruning shears and bought her first vineyard – 2.5 ha of old vines – located high up in the Maury hills. Domaine Jones was born. She fell in love with the beauty of the location, and also with a local winemaker.

Since then Katie and her husband Jean-Marc have piece by piece acquired a treasure trove of old vine vineyards, in sites that were too small, too remote or too much like hard work for anyone else. She now has a fine collection of the some of the oldest vineyards around the village. All the vines are vieilles vignes – and in this cases, old really is old, with vines ranging from 40 to 100 years old. All are traditional local varieties: Carignan, Grenache, Syrah, Muscat and Macabeu, all low yielding and with each parcel vinified separately, this is no easy route to winemaking!

Her approach was not always popular with the locals, and when the entire 2012 vintage was sabotaged, a lesser mortal would have given up. But Katie fought on, with tremendous results. Her extraordinary array of vivacious, personality-driven wines have met with great acclaim and a deluge of medals.

For more information email [email protected].

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