In Northern Spain there is a long standing tradition of gastronomic societies, known locally as txokos, where?friends meet to cook and share their passion for fine food and drink. In the 1970s one such group of friends formed a txoko in the small town of Ollauri in Rioja Alta. Unsatisfied with the wine on offer at the time, they decided to start their own winery to make wines worthy of partnering their culinary achievements. The result was multi award-winning Rioja winery, Bodegas Beronia.

Following the traditional Txoko and continuing with our founder’s passion we’re bringing together good friends with the perfect marriage of good food and fine wine with Beronia Txoko events. These jovial affairs?showcase what is quintessentially Rioja whilst giving people the opportunity to create their very own Basque culinary delights. For more information on the Beronia Txoko Club visit our website email [email protected].



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